Things to Do in Boise with KidsAbout a two-hour drive from the Ashley Inn is Boise, Idaho. Many of our guests at The Ashley Inn live in our beloved capital city. When you live in a popular tourist destination, often times, people haven’t taken the time to tour their own city, although it’s a worthwhile pursuit. However, when you have dozens of options, it’s hard to pinpoint which Boise activities are the most exciting, or are the most appropriate for certain age groups, whether it be babies, teenagers, or adults. Here at the Ashley Inn, we’re here to help you decide what things to do in Boise with kids during your time in the city. 

Reminisce at the Oregon Trail 

Although your children are too young to experience the classic Oregon Trail computer game, that doesn’t mean you can’t feel like a kid again when you visit the actual place. While you hike small portions of the trail and visit its historical sites, imagine yourself in a covered wagon trailblazing across the United States. Hop from the Idaho State Historical Museum, the Oregon Trail Historic Reserve, and Bonneville Point to teach your kids about westward expansion in the United States. Learning the history of the United States is a great option for things to do in Boise with kids. 

Bike the Boise Greenbelt

This might be the most tiring of things to do in Boise with kids, although beautiful. Renting bikes and pedaling your way down the Boise Greenbelt is a great way to expend some energy while experiencing the beauty of Boise amidst scenic park views, the Boise River, and some wildlife. Beware: your kids might not be able to make it the entire 25 miles (and you might not be able to, either). 

Experience the World Center for Birds of Prey Things to Do in Boise With Kids

If your child is an animal lover, take him or her to the World Center for Birds of Prey. Here, you can watch several live bird presentations, with birds like hawks, falcons, eagle-owls, and California condors. Plan to spend about 90 minutes here during your day (or days) of fun. 

Return to Cascade, Idaho 

We’re sure that you’ll love our options for things to do in Boise with kids. After a day of exploring Boise, Idaho, attractions, return to the Ashley Inn to enjoy the sunset and have a peaceful rest of your evening, whether you sip on a nightcap or grab a late-night snack. For more information about accommodations at The Ashley Inn, visit our website or give us a call at 208-382-5621.