romantic Idaho getawaysCouples who reside in greater Boise, the third largest metro area in the Pacific Northwest, need a place to escape, regardless of the season. The Ashley Inn, located in the lake town of Cascade, is the luxurious home to one of the best romantic Idaho getaways because of our elegant suites, cozy fireplaces, relaxing therapy tubs, and nearby couples activities. Winter in Idaho is the perfect time of the year to rekindle your love life by soaking in natural hot springs, snuggling by the fireplace, and exploring the snowy wonderland that surrounds The Ashley Inn.

Gold Fork Hot Springs

Idaho is home to some of the best natural hot springs in the United States. The Ashley Inn is a scenic 30-minute drive from Gold Fork Hot Springs in nearby Donnelly. Soaking in a 100-degree natural hot spring is always more refreshing in the winter, especially after a fresh snowfall or hoarfrost. Share a bottle of champagne while appreciating the natural beauty of Southwestern Idaho. All romantic Idaho getaways should include a visit to a local natural hot spring.

Hap & Florence Points Sleigh Rides

Christmastime always brings the best out of us. It’s easy to love deeply when the festive joy of the holiday season brightens everyone’s day. Hap & Florence Points Sleigh Rides provide genuinely romantic and scenic trips into the great outdoors near the Gold Fork River. The horse-drawn sleigh wagons trek through the countryside ranch to a herd of Rocky Mountain elk that have lived on the land for over 30 years. You’ll have the unique opportunity to feed these majestic beasts before sleighing back to Points Ranch.

Dinner at Remington’s

Remington’s at the Chief, the best restaurant within 75 miles of The Ashey Inn, has quickly become a Cascade culinary staple thanks to their succulent steak, half-pound bison burgers, and chorizo-stuffed chicken. If you didn’t know precisely where Remington’s was located, you might drive right past it without a thought. Part of the appeal of Remington’s is the fact that it operates out of the historical Chief Hotel. Each dish is beautifully plated and can be paired with a glass of award-winning wine, making Remington’s the perfect spot for a romantic dinner.

Rose Pedal Suite

The perfect place to finish a romantic day in Cascade, Idaho, is inside one of our elegant suites. It doesn’t have to be your honeymoon to fall in love with the Rose Pedal Suite, which sits atop a large turret. It will be difficult to pry yourself from the immaculate bathroom equipped with a stand-up rain shower, white marble floors, built-in fireplace, and therapy tub. The Ashley Inn specializes in romantic Idaho getaways. We combine the charming allure of a bed-and-breakfast with the amenities of a five-star hotel. Dial 1-208-382-5621 or visit to learn more about our seasonal deals.