During your stay at The Ashley Inn, live out your ranch fantasy by going horseback riding in Idaho. Even if you’ve never had a ranch fantasy and you’re just looking for things to do in Cascade, Idaho, there’s nothing quite like navigating our state’s gorgeous terrain from the back of a majestic horse. Not to mention, horseback riding in Idaho makes for a fantastic family outing that everyone can enjoy.

Ya-Hoo Corals

If you’re looking for a nice family-friendly guided ride, then Ya-Hoo Corals is for you. Head north to McCall for an Idaho attraction that your family will never forget. Ya-Hoo Corals has knowledgeable guides who will teach you about the land and expertly navigate the state’s vast mountain range. Give your family the gift of fond, childhood memories of going horseback riding in Idaho. 

Lazy R Ranch

Whether you’re an experienced equestrian or have never encountered a horse before, Lazy R Ranch has your back. Unlike many horseback riding guide services, Lazy R Ranch offers a wide variety of tour length options. If you’re unsure about your ability to make it through an all-day horseback ride, they have one-hour up to all-day trail opportunities. They even provide lunch for the all-day rides! Horseback riding in Idaho is arguably one of the best ways to experience the stunning scenery surrounding the area. Take advantage of this opportunity to unplug from the stress of daily life and lose yourself amid crystal clear lakes, idyllic pastures, forest greenery, and grandiose mountains against a cloudless sky—viewed from the vantage point of one of the world’s most magnificent creatures. You’ve never experienced the spirit of adventure quite like this. 

Horseback Riding in Idaho Is a Must When You Stay with Us

The Ashley Inn’s dedicated staff can’t agree more: horseback riding in Idaho is a must when you stay at our Cascade hotel. After a day enjoying the great outdoors, you’ll need a comfortable place to relax and get a great night’s sleep. That way, you can go on another excellent Cascade, Idaho, adventure. For more information on horseback riding opportunities in the area, give us a call at 208-382-5621.