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Hot Springs around Cascade

There is nothing as soothing as plunging into the natural hot water of Gold fork Hot Springs . The pools nestle against the natural massive rocks. Each person can select the perfect perch to rest and soak. Located just 16 miles from the Ashley Inn . Visit http://goldforkhotsprings.com/

Enjoy a relaxing experience in their alkaline, mineral-rich waters in a naturally beautiful setting. Pools range from hot to cool.

Trail Creek Hot Springs

Peekaboo pools in a wooded canyon below a highway. Keep cutoffs handy. The first pool sits in the creek beneath a slab of rock. Hot water streams down from the spring above at 122 degrees F, coating the slab with colorful algae patterns. Cold water is gravity-fed into the pool by pipe. A rocky border, which varies from one year to the next, defines the size and shape. (An old bathtub that once straddled the creek is long gone.) The pool is visible from the west end of the pullout but invisible to… show more »

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Bernard Hot Springs

There are also natural hot springs in many places around Cascade, tucked into the mountains for the adventurous looking for undeveloped springs. BERNARD HOT SPRINGS http://www.idahohotsprings.com/destinations/bernard/index.htm