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Cascade Rebound

You are invited to come, on this limited basis if you are healthy and haven’t been around sick people. Our services will be minimal but the whole outdoors of the Idaho Mountains is open to you.

  • Before you check in: Your guestroom will have been cleaned with soap & water and then disinfected and then will sit untouched until you check-in. Treatment includes tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, remote controls, toilets, and sink faucets.
  • For the safely of our guests and staff, there will not be any “stay over” service during your stay, but if you need anything, we will be glad to provide it to you. Additional towels, sheets, coffee cups, etc. for example.
  • Ashley Inn can’t open without baking our cookies for our guests, SO we have developed a new way of distributing them, but, don’t worry, they’ll still be warm and comforting.
  • Breakfast will not be available in this stage of reopening until we can figure out a safe way to serve the Ashley Inn breakfast the way we like to do.  Please take this opportunity to support our local restaurants.
  • Our heated swimming pool and spa will be opened since we learned that the CoVid-19 is not spread through pool water but social distancing will be honored. Fitness room will be closed but, hey, go outside and enjoy our walking paths.
  • We do ask for social distancing. Masks do not have to be used in your guestrooms. Masks are to be used at your discretion in the hallways and lobbies.
  • Restaurants and Watkins Pharmacy and most stores are available in Cascade.

LakeFront Grill & Bar (208) 382-4653

Reo’s pizza (208) 382-5100

Thunder Mountain Burgers (208) 382-5052

Gramma’s Homestead (208) 382-4602 Breakfast, Reuben, Grampa’s Burger

Whistle Stop (208)382-4700 pizza, chicken strips, breakfast

D-9 Grocery open Sun 9 am – 6 pm, Mon & Tues 8 am – 7 pm

Remington’s Fine Dining (208) 382-5700

(208)382-5621                        Emergency phone (208)630-4899                                              [email protected]