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July 26 and August 16th Kelly's Whitewater Park

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Kelly's Whitewater Park

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Hometown Throwdowns are designed to bring communities of recreational boaters together in the spirit of simple competition with an emphasis on fun.
The series is based on the legendary Maryland Chute Outs, with simple and light-hearted scoring criteria that allows anyone to succeed. Points can be earned from front surfs, window shades, paddle waves and standard playboat maneuvers. Idaho will also be including SUP events at all of our Throwdowns.
To keep the focus on participation, prizes will not be awarded to the top rides, but will be raffled off to give all participants a chance to win.

July 26th at 11am
August 16th at 11am

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  • Summer Kelly
  • Summer Kelly

July 26 Four Summit Bike Challenge

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Jul 26, 2014 4 Summit Challenge. The Four Summit Challenge course covers the two mountain passes along Warm Lake Road in Cascade. This challenging course attracts cyclists from a wide variety of places and can include up to 750 riders. The ride starts at the American Legion Hall in downtown Cascade. For more information check out Watch or participate in the races and then enjoy the grounds and water at Kelly’s Whitewater Park.