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You can raise money for your organization, while having a great time!

No more selling wrapping paper door to door!

Ashley Inn guests work hard to raise money for special things.

That’s just the kind of people they are.

We wish that we could fulfill every request, but that is not possible.


So the 50/50 program was developed.

  1. The fundraiser event needs to be approved by our General Manager, Debbie Gunderson. The biggest criteria is “how is the Ashley Inn promoted”? The discount is taken out of our advertising budget. We cannot take it as a "donation" or "contribution" only as “Advertising expense”.
  2. The approved organization pays $83.16 (50% rack rate + 8% Id. sales & travel tax) for a certificate valid for a Fireside Room, 2 guests, includes Breakfast. Limit purchase of two each year.
  3. Your organization's name and event will be on the certificate and mailed with your separate receipt. It is valid for one year from your event date.
  4. Your Certificate will have a 6 black-out dates on it. (New Year's Eve, Last Weekend in Jan, First Weekend in Feb, Memorial Day's Friday and Saturday, Week of 4th of July & Labor Day's Friday and Saturday)

Please email Debbie Gunderson at  DebbieG@TheAshleyInn.com

We love hearing from you.

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