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  • Ashley Inn progress

What did we know about how long and what a huge job it would be to open every box, put together every lamp, stuff every decorative pillow, unpack every bedspread, wash all the towels and sheets...Back in Aug 2003 we were so ignorant about all this.

Word got around town the crazy new Inn builders, Ashley & Katrin have to have the Inn ready for their first guests in 7 days.  Unreal expectations.......

  • cleaning-woman

Imagine our surprise when on Sunday afternoon the parking lot fills up with people's cars and trucks.  They got out with brooms, vacuums, cleaning rags and products.  The leader, Mona, said to Katrin "We don't want a tour.  We heard that you are getting your first guests on Friday.  We're here to clean up construction, hang pictures, unpack boxes, stuff pillows and anything else you need to do for the next 5 hours.

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We wished we had had the energy to grab a camera and capture the moment but we were so tired and fatigued that we didn't even think of it.  Well, with all their help, we were ready with enough rooms for the guests with reservations.  They were brave souls who believed we would have the Inn ready for the Biggest Wedding in town, with 600 guests out at the MacGregor Ranch.  One of our first guests was Mrs. Thelma Morrison.